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With those big eyes, long silky ears and gentle, trusting personality, Cocker Spaniels are one of the most beloved breeds in the country. After all, who doesn't love Lady, the star of Disney's "Lady and the Tramp?" As adorable as he is, your Cocker Spaniel puppy has more than good looks. Bred as a hunter, he's an energetic sporting dog who loves lots of exercise and the occasional swim. He'll eagerly join playtime, making him a great family dog. 

Origin: England Year Recognized: 1878

Breed History & Description: Cockers are hunters' companions. Their job is to use their sensitive nose to find game birds (like grouse or pheasant) that nest in dense bushes and high grass. Cockers flush the birds into the sky so a hunter can shoot them, and then bring the fallen bird back to the hunter. The Cocker Spaniel was America's most popular breed of the 1950s. It was the era of Disney's 'Lady and the Tramp' and a Cocker named Checkers who helped change the course of U.S. politics.

Male - Chocolate

Male- Black

Male-White and Brown

Male-White and Black

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